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Ensure total protection of your property with Computech Alarms & Security’s 24/7 monitoring service. We have all the bases covered with monitoring of alarm and camera systems, rapid response to signals, patrol guards and banking services.

We can monitor alarms from our alarm monitoring station for the following:

  • Residential security:
    Burglar alarms – fire/smoke alarms – panic/duress alarms – medical alarms – troubles/faults
  • Commercial security:
    Burglar alarms – fire/smoke alarms – panic/duress alarms – unauthorised afterhours access – alarms – troubles/faults
  • Industrial security:
    Burglar alarms – fire/smoke alarms – unauthorised afterhours access – plant and equipment alarms – troubles/faults


Our advanced systems interpret digital data that is transmitted to us from your alarm system and relays it to our security staff for assessment.


We’ll work to your specific instructions for each event. Whether it’s calling you at home, on your cell phone, or sending out a patrol to respond – you can rest assured every measure will be taken to protect you and your belongings.


For security patrol operations, we have patrols positioned to be able to provide rapid alarm response services. Should a violation to the integrity of the property be ascertained, a security officer will remain on site until a key-holder is able to attend or alternative arrangements have been made.

We can co-ordinate locksmiths, glaziers and other services on your behalf.  As a result of the current economic situation and number of burglaries in and around the region, we now advise the Police of any alarm activations at the same time we send a guard.

Monitoring services & products:

  • IP monitoring
  • GSM monitoring (effective when you can’t get a phone line to the property)
  • Commercial monitoring (if you’re working late or closing at a certain time, we’ll call and monitor you)
  • Fire monitoring
  • Parabeam (point to point sensor beam to alert intrusion between two fixed points)

Brands we use:

  • Parabeam
  • Radionet


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