Computech Alarms & Security Services

CAS is the Bay of Plenty’s security company that specialises in protection of people and property in the event of an emergency. We offer a range of security services, including site risk assessments, patrolling, alarm and camera installation, and monitoring of your property.

For Your Home

Protect you, your family and your home
with security services and alarm
systems from CAS.

For your Business

Your business is your life, make sure
you keep it secure with our expert
security services.

for remote properties

No matter how far away you are, you
deserve peace of mind that your
property is safe.


To offer you the best protection, CAS must first understand your requirements, your property and its dimensions to ensure we provide the right products and services for the job.

Our Site Risk Assessment is the first step in becoming protected. Our expert site surveyor will come to your home and discuss your requirements and look at the layout of your property; we’ll then suggest an option to get the best level of security.

Because your requirements and property layout are unique, CAS prefer to do a free site survey and then tailor a quote to suit your needs – you will get the best

Products & Services

  • Site Risk Assessment
  • Survey for cameras and alarm systems


CAS ensures you will be protected should an event or emergency arise. Our extensive range of niche products and services means you’re protected 24/7…

We are the leaders of home security in the Eastern Bay of Plenty – the services we provide are backed up by security specialists and are tailored to your individual needs. CAS protect both your property and your family when you’re home and away.

Products & Services

  • Alarm systems
  • Alarm installation
  • Camera systems
  • Monitoring


If you’re away from home and your fire or alarm system signals, you can rest assured that CAS will respond quickly to the situation. We treat alarm signals as a number one priority and will always stop what we’re doing to respond.

CAS will go the extra mile – including arranging tradesmen to replace glass in the event of a break-in. It’s your peace of mind that is important to us.

Products & Services

  • Fire and alarm monitoring
  • Camera monitoring